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Learn more about the RP Generator to get Free Riot Points!

Today we will provide you with a special secret that will help you to increase your ranking in League of Legends. Not many people know about this secret but today we will share it with the croud. In my gaming time I have had several ways online to get Free Riot Points. However, one way really sticked out and today I will discuss my strategy with you. It al concerns the RP Generator; this simulation is provided online and won’t cost you a single buck. It all works really easy and simple. The first step is to click on the link just provided. Here you will have several options that might interest you. We will start off with a few specifications off the online RP hack tool. 

It’s simple and easy to use:

Like I mentioned before it’s easy to use. It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you have an internet connection you will be able to use it. The creater really tried its best to make it as simple to use as possible. The only thing you have to do is click on the start button. This will start the process and no further actions are required. Your code will be produced and it will become visible in your screen. The last step for you is to unlock it in just a few simple steps.  

Free rp

Safety comes first:

The online web bares it’s risks and not all websites are equally save for the user. This hacking tool is online accessible. Therefore, there is no need for the participant to download it your personal computers. It’s common knowledge that downloads bear risks, this is because than you will download files to your computer. Most often you will also download files that were not specified in the download file. These files might be corrupted and can harm your computer. Thus, I recommed you to only use online accessible generators. 

Everything is clear and well explained:

Most things you find on the web will atleast require you to have a some basic knowledge in web development. Without this knowledge it will be a shot in the dark and you won’t be able to find out how the process activiate or use the tool. With the Riot Points generator this is different. On the website there is a clear and simple step by step procudere that will help you. Therefore the conclusion of this article is that by using this tool everyone is able to get Free RP for the game: LoL. Go ahead and try it out! 


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How to win League of legends with a bad team.

When you´re a dedicated League of Legends player you must have noticed that players in the community are always stressing how many games they have lost because they had a bad team. Let´s set this straight, sometimes you simply can´t win because your team mate is feeding throughout the whole game or because your team mates are so terrible bad that you can´t seem to do anything else than just lose. These games you shouldn´t focus on. We focus on the games that still provide a small opportunity for you to win a match. Let´s start with a few handy tips you should consider to decide whether you should improve yourself. Are you raging a lot during games? Badmouthing? and do you have a considerable amount of deaths compared to your team mates? If you can answer YES to one of these questions you should start improving your own game play. It is really bad for a game to start offend people or as we call it rage. Riot Games acknowledges this problem and therefore they created the banning system. But for so far I have seen, the banning system is only mis used by people who feel offended by a tiny small happening and than report people for invalid reasons. If you recognize yourself in this behavior you stop behaving this way. It will not only distract your allies during the game, but your concentration will be lost. Self-reflection is the most important strategy for players to increase their skills and mechanics. What am I doing wrong? How can I improve myself? If I behave in this and this way should that be better? It’s really easy to apply as long as your motivated. For example, you are playing on the top lane and you are getting ganked through the river bush and you get killed. You reflect on yourself. How can I make sure that I won’t get ganked? After some brainstorming you seem to find the solution: You place wards, and you make sure you check the minimap every now and than to avoid ganks. This in itself is an easy solution for a very big problem. So don’t forget to bring wards to control your lane. You can’t win a game without wards because the jungler would be able to kill you any time he wants. Thus, by self-reflection you should be able to grow a lot. 

Next, you can win games with a bad team by choosing the right champions and positions. There are multiple champions that can snowball a game: Katarina, Pantheon, Vayne, Udyr, Riven etc. There are many lists provided on the web that will help you select the perfect champion to carry yourself out of the bronze leagues or even silver leagues. After that your skills will most likely matter. In order to buy on of these champions you are in need of Riot Points or you have a good amount of IP stacked. Anyway, if you don’t have enough IP you should consider using Riot Points to get your new champions and maybe even add a nice skin to scare your opponent. The amount of RP you need to buy a champion will be different for each, depending on the time the champion was introduced. There are also ways to get Free RP online. By clicking on this link you will be able to get 3620 Free Riot Points for your account! 

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What are Riot Points?

Free rp

How to use LoL RP?

In the League of Legends games all players battle in a 5vs5 arena with their own selected champion. LoL has many champions that you can choose from as a players and all champions require a different budget of IP to purchase the champion. IP are the points you will receive for playing matches. Usually you will receive around 150 IP for one match and when you would like to buy one of the newest champions this will cost you around 6300 IP. You can imagine that you need to play a lot of games just to buy a decent amount of champions. So, therefore they implemented the Riot Points. These are points that can be bought in the Official League of Legends Store, there are multiple ways to credit yourself with the points but most of the time you will have to pay with real money. Sometimes, when something went wrong or when League of Legends is giving away Christmas gifts there is an option to receive Free RP. So what is it used for? Like I just explained, the resources can be used to buy champions to beat your opponont. (tip: Every champion should be played once so you know the spells of the champion, this way you can easily counter the champion in a battle) Moreover, you can use it to buy new skins for your champions, when you own a skin for a particular champion you are sending your opponent the following message: I am an experienced player with this champion so watch out. Next, you can also buy ward skins. With ward skins you can pimp the looks of your ward all over the map, there are multiple options you can choose from. Other viable features you can use the resources for are Experience Boosts, and IP boosts. With these boosts you can actually boost the progress of your account. When you buy an experience boost your experience earned from one match will double. This holds that you can reduce the time for leveling an account by almost halve the time. The same counts for the IP Boost. When the IP boost is activated you will receive double the amount of IP you would normally get. IP is important to buy Runes with. Runes can only be bought with IP points so you should make sure that you don’t waste it on champions and skins in the store.

to conclude, this article explained the multiple ends you can use Riot Points for. It should be noticed that the resources can be used to buy champions, champion skins, ward skins, boosts, champion packages etc. All viable options to enhance your game experience. Remember that League of Legends is a game you can play without payment, and spending some money on it once in a while to support League of Legends isn’t a bad thing. If you don’t have money just wait, because sometimes during christmas Riot will give away points to all the players just because they want to surprise you.

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LoL – great escapes


The best League of legends escapes listed- Best Adc Botlane Combination.

In this video you will find the best League of Legends escapes in the gamesmade by players listed in a compilation movie. In the first escape you see Draven that is running away for 4 champions Included Alistar which is really difficult to escape from but due to an increased speed of Draven he is able to keep out of the fight. In this story we will give a short analysis of the League of Legends escape movie to provide some great ways to escape. The first tip would be to increase your attack speed as ADC to make sure that you can run away quicker than the enemies when you are about to lose the game. One of the things that I noticed is that you can win a game by implementing some great get away strategies and make sure that the opposing team will get less kills and therefore stack less gold, leaving the enemy team with less in-game gold to buy items. Another great Combination for the Botlane is the Premade of Thresh as support and Kalista ADC. With the Great combination to escape with the E of Thresh to outzone you, the hook to CC you and the Lantern to provide shields to escape and the ult that sets out a perfect slow to outzone the enemy team to protect your ADC. But what happens if Thresh Gets in trouble and his spells aren’t enough? Well than you use the Ultimate of Kalista which makes Thresh untargetable and Thresh can be relocated to any place in the set range of the spell. It can even be used to re engage into the teamfight stunning all players that are hit by the ultimate when thresh relocates himself. Noted: this can be done with any champion ofcourse. Personally i think that Thresh and Kalista together are the most viable Botlane composition to get away from risky situation, while at the same time it is the best champion to chase the enemy team. Since Thresh can hook them, jump on them, kick is ult in, use his E to keep them close and Kalista will just be shooting jumping forward with the passive attached to each auto attack and finish the kill with it’s E after enough auto attack have been stacked on the enemy champion. So if you are looking for a perfect combination on the botlane Pick Thresh and Kalista. Find a good Premade player to team with and boost your way out of the lower leagues. If you don’t possess these champions yet I would recommend you to get Riot Points on the internet. Make sure you will get Enough RP to get the right champions. Keep in mind that you will also need enough IP to make sure you can use the right set of Runes on your champion, otherwise you will have a disadvantage from the start of the game and you will probably end op lossing the game. And this is something we don’t want to see. Goodluck with your New Duo Botlane of Kalista and Thresh!

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Get out of Elo Hell!


Boost yourself out of the bronze leagues!

It is really difficult for some people to get out of the Bronze league for multiple reasons: People blame each other in game, People don’t self-reflect and continously blame someone else for a self made mistake, people tend to get aggressive and stop playing with any strategy, and sometimes your team is just so noob that they are getting caught every time. When your team can be described as the last point I just mentioned, I would recommend you to play very safe and have peace with the fact that you will probably lose. The points I mentioned before are all about someone his attitude, many people are stuck in Bronze because they think they play good, but in general they just don’t play League of Legends like it should be played. So the first tip to all League of Legends players is that to get out of bronze you should self-reflect, when you made mistake analyze what has happened and learn from it. Also accept that you can’t win all games, not every die deserves a ban, and be kind to your team, because once they agression in the chat has startes. None of the players will pay attention to the game anymore, and your loss is guaranteed. The most important thing that you should consider in your battle to the top players of the League of Legends championships is that most players in Bronze should actively try to improve themselves instead of blaming mistakes on someone else. This is the most important tip that will get you out of Bronze!

Part 2: Get yourself out of Elo Hell right now!

The “attitude” of the player is the most important thing that should be changed to improve your LoL gaming skills. However, there are some minor adjustments you can make to facilitate your road of the Elo hell. Lets start of that you should complete your Runes, most players in the Bronze League are noobalike and they don’t even use the right runes for their champions using the right runes will give you a physical advantage, because you will have more health, less CD reduction, more attack damage and each single spell you hit will do more damage than the abilities of your opponenent. The right Runes can be easiliy find on Mobafire. This also brings us to our next improvement; make sure you always use the right combination of items for your champion, in this decision you should always consider the composition of your Enemy team. If they are mostly Attack damage you should consider to stack armor, if the enemy team exists out of mostly Ability Power than you should consider to use Magic resistance. These are the most basic thing you should know, an in-depth description for items and enemy champions can be found also be found on Mobafire. Also take a considerable amount of time before the game starts to make sure that you always carry the right composition of Runes and Masteries with your champion, to many games are lost because people forget the equip themselves in the right way.

Part 3: Pick the right champion to boost yourself out of Elo Hell.

Once you have completed the Runes and Masteries you will notice that Runes are costly and you need a lot of IP points to buy the right Runes composition. So what should you do now? I would recommend you to start buying IP boosts to make sure that you have enough IP to spend on your new Runes. However, this will still take you a considerable amount of games before your runes list is complete. You can always choose to get some Free Riot Points Therefore you should make use of the Game search system provided in League of Legends. Since the last update, you can pick two roles and you are guarranteed to play with one of the two roles you prioritized. You should pick the two roles your skills and mechanics are already the most developed with. Everyone knows these roles for themselves, mine or Top and Jungle simply because I have played them the most. Once you have picked these two roles you will get one champion for each specific role and build the right masteries and runes for these two champions. This way you will be fully equipped in each game, and will definitely have a lot of advantage compared to your Bronze unequipped noob opponent. Another benefit of this strategy holds that you are playing the same champions all over and over again. Now you should have a look at online tutorials on how to play the champion like a pro and pay attention, capture all the important combinations you can make. and look at the rotation required the make the most damage. Pick two champions that more most definitely able to win you a game. Examples are: Pantheon, Yasuo, Cho’gath, Riven, Gragas, Udyr, Lee Sin, Nocturne, Miss Fortune, Alistar, and every champion you know that is able to pull of enough damage to make decent kills.

Part 4: Always ward your lanes in Ranked games.

The most critical element in League of Legends is to beat your opponent in your lane to get ahead early to carry the game and finish it early. In order to do this you need vision, YES VISION. Most people forget that you will never have to die in your lane as long as you keep vision over the mist important entries for a gank. Simply by buying an early pink ward you will have unlimited vision in the bush on the botlane and toplane, this holds that there is only one other bush for you to keep rotating with your ward (trinket). This way you will always know where your opponent is in the lane and you will keep an continuous eye on the minimap to make sure that you are notified that a gank from mid or the Jungle is incoming. As soon as they are ganking you make sure that you retreat to the “safety zone”, as soon as you are outcompeted by your opponent you should play passive and retreat to your tower make sure they cannot hit you without getting a hit from the tower. To many people die by diving in early games, it is the dumbest thing you can do but we can take advantage of the people who do so. 

You are now ready to get out of the Elo Hell! 

If you correctly integrate all the tips mentioned above you should definitely be able to get out of the Bronze Leagues and play with some decent non childish members of the League of Legends Community. If you feel like you need some extra tips to get out of the bronze league I would recommend you to read Some of my other blogs: Get out of elo hell. Here you can find additional tips to carry yourself out of Bronze leagues. 



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get out of Bronze!

The perfect way to increase your League of Legends skills!

Dear summoners, if you just entered this blog you probably would like to know how you can get skilled in League of Legends. Well lets start of that you can’t be good in every role in the game, and you either can’t be a proffesional with each champion. So in order to get skills you should make a pick between all the League of Legends Champions available in the game. I am playing Top and Jungle and I must say both lanes are very efficient to carry in League of legends. In order to pick the right champions just have a look at your personal playing style, are you more the support type of person because you can easily avoind damage and stay on a distance while still in range to support your fellow champions. Or are you very tactic in picking the engage into the enemy group, than you would probably play a tanky/damage top or Jungle. I would recommend Pantheon (top) and Nocturne (jungle) to snowball your games into the higher leagues.


Another way to increase your skills are to watch professional League of Legends players in action on www.twitch.tv. Twitch is a platform made for online streaming of games. Anyone can join, but if you just pick the players that have 15+ viewers all day long you will learn a lot of new tactics, mechanics and strategies in League of Legends. Moreover, you can the the pro’s in action while most of them have their webcam on with a microphone included. And they will give you tips on how to become better in League of Legends. And it is a pretty fun way to spend your free time on your hobby!

Buy new champions with Free RP!

In order to become great in League of legends you should be able to acquire the right champions to snowball the 5vs5 Ranked games. Rather than just continue playing games to gather some IP, which takes forever! I would recommend you to use the Riot Points (RP). Visit www.riotpoint.online to get your Free LoL RPUse it to buy the champions you’ve decided on to increase your skills, mechanics, and strategies with! A new champion won’t instantly make you a pro player, but picking the right champ will boost you out of the the Wooden (haha), Bronze, and Silver league!

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Amazing outplays

Watch the 10 Most instense outplays in League of legends – Skills.

Dear Summoners.

In this video you will see the most sick outplays that you have ever seen in the world of League of Legends. The first outplay is from Lee Sin kills a Ryze with full health sumply by kiting him around the frog in the Jungle. Remember Lee Sin is a great champion to snowball the game.

The Second is a massive battle on the botlane where Thresh used his lantern to bring a third champ, pulls the champion back with his E ability and than hooks the enemy champion with his Q ability. Also Thresh, is  a perfect champion to dominate the game, since its hook (Q Ability) can easily pick an enemy champion. However, it is hard to land the Q of Thresh which makes it a highly skilled champion.

Now you know already that Lee Sin and Thresh are champions that can be used to dominate the game, if you don’t have enough IP to buy one of these champions you can go and visit www.riotpoint.online where you can get free rp for your personal League of Legends account. You can get up too 3620 Free Riot points simply by using the Lol generator.

How to get out of the LoL Bronze League – ?

Another great champion to snowball the game is riven, with his shields which include a dash + Shield, his stun, and his Q Combo with a knock up included in the end make Riven the perfect champ to get out of the Bronze League. In this video you will be shown how Riven should be played in game to snowball yourselve out of the Bronze and Silver leagues.

Next to Riven i would personally recommend Pantheon to dominate the games. As summoner spells you should take Teleport and Flash for ultimate mobility. The Teleport Cooldown combined with your ultimate, which in a sense is also a teleport make you the perfect champion to own the top lane, while simultaneously supporting or maybe even crushing the Midlane with your ult. The ult carries so much range that you can teleport to the mid lane by a 5 second walk into the river. Pantheon really helped me to get out of of the Lower leagues with a 80% Win rate with a kill to death ratio of 11.1-4.2-8.1.

Thus if you are looking for a way to get out of Bronze, try to play Pantheon top or Nocture Jungle. With the new system you can master 2 main champions and pick them 99.9% of the time since you can already decide in which role you would like to get enrolled.

Dear fellow summoners I hope you can increase your gaming skills based on the information I shared Above, don’t forget to watch the video and enjoy the most enjoyable outplays. To see some of the champion I discussed in action.

And don’t forget if you are looking for a way to buy a new champion or skin in the League of Legens store, just visit www.riotpoint.online to Get your Free Riot Points. Spend your RP wisely, I would recommend to buy Pantheon and directly buy the most expensive skin for him, it looks to great and will give you a motivation to keep playing the same champ all day long.

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