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Amazing outplays

Watch the 10 Most instense outplays in League of legends – Skills.

Dear Summoners.

In this video you will see the most sick outplays that you have ever seen in the world of League of Legends. The first outplay is from Lee Sin kills a Ryze with full health sumply by kiting him around the frog in the Jungle. Remember Lee Sin is a great champion to snowball the game.

The Second is a massive battle on the botlane where Thresh used his lantern to bring a third champ, pulls the champion back with his E ability and than hooks the enemy champion with his Q ability. Also Thresh, is  a perfect champion to dominate the game, since its hook (Q Ability) can easily pick an enemy champion. However, it is hard to land the Q of Thresh which makes it a highly skilled champion.

Now you know already that Lee Sin and Thresh are champions that can be used to dominate the game, if you don’t have enough IP to buy one of these champions you can go and visit www.riotgenerator.com where you can get free rp for your personal League of Legends account. You can get up too 3620 Free Riot points simply by using the Lol generator.

How to get out of the LoL Bronze League – ?

Another great champion to snowball the game is riven, with his shields which include a dash + Shield, his stun, and his Q Combo with a knock up included in the end make Riven the perfect champ to get out of the Bronze League. In this video you will be shown how Riven should be played in game to snowball yourselve out of the Bronze and Silver leagues.

Next to Riven i would personally recommend Pantheon to dominate the games. As summoner spells you should take Teleport and Flash for ultimate mobility. The Teleport Cooldown combined with your ultimate, which in a sense is also a teleport make you the perfect champion to own the top lane, while simultaneously supporting or maybe even crushing the Midlane with your ult. The ult carries so much range that you can teleport to the mid lane by a 5 second walk into the river. Pantheon really helped me to get out of of the Lower leagues with a 80% Win rate with a kill to death ratio of 11.1-4.2-8.1.

Thus if you are looking for a way to get out of Bronze, try to play Pantheon top or Nocture Jungle. With the new system you can master 2 main champions and pick them 99.9% of the time since you can already decide in which role you would like to get enrolled.

Dear fellow summoners I hope you can increase your gaming skills based on the information I shared Above, don’t forget to watch the video and enjoy the most enjoyable outplays. To see some of the champion I discussed in action.

And don’t forget if you are looking for a way to buy a new champion or skin in the League of Legens store, just visit www.riotgenerator.com to Get your Free Riot Points. Spend your RP wisely, I would recommend to buy Pantheon and directly buy the most expensive skin for him, it looks to great and will give you a motivation to keep playing the same champ all day long.

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6 comments on “Amazing outplays
  1. Camden Peder says:

    This Video is so awesome and lovely descriptin that helped me to get better in League of Legednds, looking forward to the next blog!

  2. Merritt Ralphie says:

    Great Video, Wish I could be this good!

  3. Esme Donny says:

    @MerritRalphie, Just continue working on your skills and you will succeed! Hard work dedication!

  4. Trent Wallace says:

    The link for Free Riot Points is lovely, thank you!

  5. Zak Tiger says:

    This is insane my friends, all these skill plays. the mechanics are real

  6. Justice Osvald says:

    Hard work and dedication, read all the tutorials provided on this blog and you will succeed in getting out of bronze just like me! I feel like a champ now, racing to the top!

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