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Get out of Elo Hell!


Boost yourself out of the bronze leagues!

It is really difficult for some people to get out of the Bronze league for multiple reasons: People blame each other in game, People don’t self-reflect and continously blame someone else for a self made mistake, people tend to get aggressive and stop playing with any strategy, and sometimes your team is just so noob that they are getting caught every time. When your team can be described as the last point I just mentioned, I would recommend you to play very safe and have peace with the fact that you will probably lose. The points I mentioned before are all about someone his attitude, many people are stuck in Bronze because they think they play good, but in general they just don’t play League of Legends like it should be played. So the first tip to all League of Legends players is that to get out of bronze you should self-reflect, when you made mistake analyze what has happened and learn from it. Also accept that you can’t win all games, not every die deserves a ban, and be kind to your team, because once they agression in the chat has startes. None of the players will pay attention to the game anymore, and your loss is guaranteed. The most important thing that you should consider in your battle to the top players of the League of Legends championships is that most players in Bronze should actively try to improve themselves instead of blaming mistakes on someone else. This is the most important tip that will get you out of Bronze!

Part 2: Get yourself out of Elo Hell right now!

The “attitude” of the player is the most important thing that should be changed to improve your LoL gaming skills. However, there are some minor adjustments you can make to facilitate your road of the Elo hell. Lets start of that you should complete your Runes, most players in the Bronze League are noobalike and they don’t even use the right runes for their champions using the right runes will give you a physical advantage, because you will have more health, less CD reduction, more attack damage and each single spell you hit will do more damage than the abilities of your opponenent. The right Runes can be easiliy find on Mobafire. This also brings us to our next improvement; make sure you always use the right combination of items for your champion, in this decision you should always consider the composition of your Enemy team. If they are mostly Attack damage you should consider to stack armor, if the enemy team exists out of mostly Ability Power than you should consider to use Magic resistance. These are the most basic thing you should know, an in-depth description for items and enemy champions can be found also be found on Mobafire. Also take a considerable amount of time before the game starts to make sure that you always carry the right composition of Runes and Masteries with your champion, to many games are lost because people forget the equip themselves in the right way.

Part 3: Pick the right champion to boost yourself out of Elo Hell.

Once you have completed the Runes and Masteries you will notice that Runes are costly and you need a lot of IP points to buy the right Runes composition. So what should you do now? I would recommend you to start buying IP boosts to make sure that you have enough IP to spend on your new Runes. However, this will still take you a considerable amount of games before your runes list is complete. You can always choose to get some Free Riot Points Therefore you should make use of the Game search system provided in League of Legends. Since the last update, you can pick two roles and you are guarranteed to play with one of the two roles you prioritized. You should pick the two roles your skills and mechanics are already the most developed with. Everyone knows these roles for themselves, mine or Top and Jungle simply because I have played them the most. Once you have picked these two roles you will get one champion for each specific role and build the right masteries and runes for these two champions. This way you will be fully equipped in each game, and will definitely have a lot of advantage compared to your Bronze unequipped noob opponent. Another benefit of this strategy holds that you are playing the same champions all over and over again. Now you should have a look at online tutorials on how to play the champion like a pro and pay attention, capture all the important combinations you can make. and look at the rotation required the make the most damage. Pick two champions that more most definitely able to win you a game. Examples are: Pantheon, Yasuo, Cho’gath, Riven, Gragas, Udyr, Lee Sin, Nocturne, Miss Fortune, Alistar, and every champion you know that is able to pull of enough damage to make decent kills.

Part 4: Always ward your lanes in Ranked games.

The most critical element in League of Legends is to beat your opponent in your lane to get ahead early to carry the game and finish it early. In order to do this you need vision, YES VISION. Most people forget that you will never have to die in your lane as long as you keep vision over the mist important entries for a gank. Simply by buying an early pink ward you will have unlimited vision in the bush on the botlane and toplane, this holds that there is only one other bush for you to keep rotating with your ward (trinket). This way you will always know where your opponent is in the lane and you will keep an continuous eye on the minimap to make sure that you are notified that a gank from mid or the Jungle is incoming. As soon as they are ganking you make sure that you retreat to the “safety zone”, as soon as you are outcompeted by your opponent you should play passive and retreat to your tower make sure they cannot hit you without getting a hit from the tower. To many people die by diving in early games, it is the dumbest thing you can do but we can take advantage of the people who do so. 

You are now ready to get out of the Elo Hell! 

If you correctly integrate all the tips mentioned above you should definitely be able to get out of the Bronze Leagues and play with some decent non childish members of the League of Legends Community. If you feel like you need some extra tips to get out of the bronze league I would recommend you to read Some of my other blogs: Get out of elo hell. Here you can find additional tips to carry yourself out of Bronze leagues. 



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  1. Rutger Foster says:

    This helped me to get out of Bronze thanks man!

  2. Landon Olegário says:

    Great tutorial to get out of elo hell, ty RIOT.

  3. Fotios Melle says:

    Great blog m8, I will follow it from now on. Please post a blog how I can get out of the Silver leagues with LoL

  4. Auberon Simen says:

    Great and detailed explanation, even though as a League of Legends player you should already know everything that was said here. It is good to repeat it for the players who don’t know that these tips are the most important things to win a game.

  5. giorgi says:

    Great tutorial to get out of elo hell, ty RIOT.

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