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LoL – great escapes


The best League of legends escapes listed- Best Adc Botlane Combination.

In this video you will find the best League of Legends escapes in the gamesmade by players listed in a compilation movie. In the first escape you see Draven that is running away for 4 champions Included Alistar which is really difficult to escape from but due to an increased speed of Draven he is able to keep out of the fight. In this story we will give a short analysis of the League of Legends escape movie to provide some great ways to escape. The first tip would be to increase your attack speed as ADC to make sure that you can run away quicker than the enemies when you are about to lose the game. One of the things that I noticed is that you can win a game by implementing some great get away strategies and make sure that the opposing team will get less kills and therefore stack less gold, leaving the enemy team with less in-game gold to buy items. Another great Combination for the Botlane is the Premade of Thresh as support and Kalista ADC. With the Great combination to escape with the E of Thresh to outzone you, the hook to CC you and the Lantern to provide shields to escape and the ult that sets out a perfect slow to outzone the enemy team to protect your ADC. But what happens if Thresh Gets in trouble and his spells aren’t enough? Well than you use the Ultimate of Kalista which makes Thresh untargetable and Thresh can be relocated to any place in the set range of the spell. It can even be used to re engage into the teamfight stunning all players that are hit by the ultimate when thresh relocates himself. Noted: this can be done with any champion ofcourse. Personally i think that Thresh and Kalista together are the most viable Botlane composition to get away from risky situation, while at the same time it is the best champion to chase the enemy team. Since Thresh can hook them, jump on them, kick is ult in, use his E to keep them close and Kalista will just be shooting jumping forward with the passive attached to each auto attack and finish the kill with it’s E after enough auto attack have been stacked on the enemy champion. So if you are looking for a perfect combination on the botlane Pick Thresh and Kalista. Find a good Premade player to team with and boost your way out of the lower leagues. If you don’t possess these champions yet I would recommend you to get Riot Points on the internet. Make sure you will get Enough RP to get the right champions. Keep in mind that you will also need enough IP to make sure you can use the right set of Runes on your champion, otherwise you will have a disadvantage from the start of the game and you will probably end op lossing the game. And this is something we don’t want to see. Goodluck with your New Duo Botlane of Kalista and Thresh!

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