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What are Riot Points?

Free rp

How to use LoL RP?

In the League of Legends games all players battle in a 5vs5 arena with their own selected champion. LoL has many champions that you can choose from as a players and all champions require a different budget of IP to purchase the champion. IP are the points you will receive for playing matches. Usually you will receive around 150 IP for one match and when you would like to buy one of the newest champions this will cost you around 6300 IP. You can imagine that you need to play a lot of games just to buy a decent amount of champions. So, therefore they implemented the Riot Points. These are points that can be bought in the Official League of Legends Store, there are multiple ways to credit yourself with the points but most of the time you will have to pay with real money. Sometimes, when something went wrong or when League of Legends is giving away Christmas gifts there is an option to receive Free RP. So what is it used for? Like I just explained, the resources can be used to buy champions to beat your opponont. (tip: Every champion should be played once so you know the spells of the champion, this way you can easily counter the champion in a battle) Moreover, you can use it to buy new skins for your champions, when you own a skin for a particular champion you are sending your opponent the following message: I am an experienced player with this champion so watch out. Next, you can also buy ward skins. With ward skins you can pimp the looks of your ward all over the map, there are multiple options you can choose from. Other viable features you can use the resources for are Experience Boosts, and IP boosts. With these boosts you can actually boost the progress of your account. When you buy an experience boost your experience earned from one match will double. This holds that you can reduce the time for leveling an account by almost halve the time. The same counts for the IP Boost. When the IP boost is activated you will receive double the amount of IP you would normally get. IP is important to buy Runes with. Runes can only be bought with IP points so you should make sure that you don’t waste it on champions and skins in the store.

to conclude, this article explained the multiple ends you can use Riot Points for. It should be noticed that the resources can be used to buy champions, champion skins, ward skins, boosts, champion packages etc. All viable options to enhance your game experience. Remember that League of Legends is a game you can play without payment, and spending some money on it once in a while to support League of Legends isn’t a bad thing. If you don’t have money just wait, because sometimes during christmas Riot will give away points to all the players just because they want to surprise you.

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What are Riot Points?

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