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How to win League of legends with a bad team.

When you´re a dedicated League of Legends player you must have noticed that players in the community are always stressing how many games they have lost because they had a bad team. Let´s set this straight, sometimes you simply can´t win because your team mate is feeding throughout the whole game or because your team mates are so terrible bad that you can´t seem to do anything else than just lose. These games you shouldn´t focus on. We focus on the games that still provide a small opportunity for you to win a match. Let´s start with a few handy tips you should consider to decide whether you should improve yourself. Are you raging a lot during games? Badmouthing? and do you have a considerable amount of deaths compared to your team mates? If you can answer YES to one of these questions you should start improving your own game play. It is really bad for a game to start offend people or as we call it rage. Riot Games acknowledges this problem and therefore they created the banning system. But for so far I have seen, the banning system is only mis used by people who feel offended by a tiny small happening and than report people for invalid reasons. If you recognize yourself in this behavior you stop behaving this way. It will not only distract your allies during the game, but your concentration will be lost. Self-reflection is the most important strategy for players to increase their skills and mechanics. What am I doing wrong? How can I improve myself? If I behave in this and this way should that be better? It’s really easy to apply as long as your motivated. For example, you are playing on the top lane and you are getting ganked through the river bush and you get killed. You reflect on yourself. How can I make sure that I won’t get ganked? After some brainstorming you seem to find the solution: You place wards, and you make sure you check the minimap every now and than to avoid ganks. This in itself is an easy solution for a very big problem. So don’t forget to bring wards to control your lane. You can’t win a game without wards because the jungler would be able to kill you any time he wants. Thus, by self-reflection you should be able to grow a lot. 

Next, you can win games with a bad team by choosing the right champions and positions. There are multiple champions that can snowball a game: Katarina, Pantheon, Vayne, Udyr, Riven etc. There are many lists provided on the web that will help you select the perfect champion to carry yourself out of the bronze leagues or even silver leagues. After that your skills will most likely matter. In order to buy on of these champions you are in need of Riot Points or you have a good amount of IP stacked. Anyway, if you don’t have enough IP you should consider using Riot Points to get your new champions and maybe even add a nice skin to scare your opponent. The amount of RP you need to buy a champion will be different for each, depending on the time the champion was introduced. There are also ways to get Free RP online. By clicking on this link you will be able to get 3620 Free Riot Points for your account! 

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